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Training & Consultation

CCFH offers innovative, resilience-oriented professional training and

community-based consultation specializing in family and couples therapy 

and in Families & Collaborative Healthcare.

Our current training opportunities, virtual and onsite, include:

Our training programs are grounded in a conceptual integration of systems theory and a multigenerational family life cycle framework. We attend to the interaction of biological, relational, cultural, spiritual, and institutional influences in social and developmental contexts. In contrast to the deficit focus of traditional programs, and the one-size-fits-all of some models, our resilience-oriented approach identifies and increases family strengths and resources, respecting and attuned to today’s diverse couples and families, their values, and their challenges.

We are distinguished by:

  • Our extraordinary faculty known widely for outstanding teaching, publications and practice initiatives.

  • Our small seminar and consultation group format, ideal for intensive, interactive learning and collegiality.

  • Our commitment to better serve vulnerable children, families, and disadvantaged groups.

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