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Counseling & Therapy

CCFH Clinical Faculty and Associates provide counseling, and therapy services for families, couples and individuals. Our collaborative, resilience-promoting approach identifies and builds on clients’ strengths, to recover from life crises and manage persistent stresses. Our goal is to enhance both individual and relational functioning and well being. We are dedicated to serving a broad diversity of clients -- socioeconomic, racial /ethnic, and gender identity / sexual orientations--  with respect for their challenges and belief in their potential to thrive.  

              Contact our Clinical Coordinator for referral and services:  ~ 312-372-4731

Areas of Expertise 


Our clinicians provide case assessment and consultation; brief counseling/therapy; and intensive, long-term therapy to address a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and relational problems. Individual, couple, family and group formats are offered. We offer individual, couple, and family therapy with a range of personal and relational concerns: 

  •  Repair troubled or estranged relationships 

  • Resolve couples’ concerns; premarital and remarriage counseling 

  • Improve communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution 

  • Address child & adolescent emotional, behavioral, or school problems

  • Healing and resilience after complex and traumatic loss 

  • Navigate stressful transitions: e.g., parenthood, job loss, relocation, divorce

  • Manage single parenting & stepfamily challenges 

  • Address women’s and men’s issues; work/family role relations

  • Address concerns of LGBTQ clients and their families 

Families, Illness & Healthcare Counseling  

A collaborative team in psychiatry, family medicine, nursing, psychology, social work, and medical family therapy can help when a child, adolescent, spouse/partner, sibling, or parent is facing chronic and/or life-threatening illness, disability or death and loss.  Counseling services for individuals, couples and families address:  

  • Loss of functioning with disability; cognitive impairment 

  • Caregiving, relationship, and role challenges 

  • Threatened loss, end-of-life challenges, and bereavement  

  • Couples’ issues of communication and intimacy 

  • Helping children with illness-related or loss concerns  

  • Challenges in aging and intergenerational relations.  

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