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Community Consultation Programs

Collaboration with community-based organizations is at the heart of our mission to train and support health, mental health, and social service professionals, particularly those who work with low-income, minority and other underserved and vulnerable groups.

Over three decades, we have provided staff training and organizational systems consultation to healthcare facilities, schools, social service providers, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and businesses. Our collaborative efforts aim to develop and sustain family-centered systemic practices that identify and build strengths and resources to foster resilience in at-risk children and vulnerable families. In addition, we work with community-based agencies to provide specialized professional training opportunities through workshops and consultation groups.

Collaborative Projects have included:

Los Angeles City Mayor’s Office initiative for Gang Reduction and Youth Development (2011-2013)









Family-Schools Partnership: Chicago Public Schools
CCFH faculty, led by Ruth Fuerst, LCSW, developed monthly consultation groups for counselors, teachers, and other school staff to involve families as partners to support at-risk students in overcoming barriers to academic success and in gaining positive psychosocial development.

I. A.M. A.B.L.E. – Transitional Services with job loss / Center for Family Development
Family workshops on challenges and resilience with job loss / reemployment of low-income workers when companies close or relocate. Integrating CCFH approach into work with families in North and South Lawndale, East and West Garfield Park, West Town, Austin, and Humboldt Park. (F. Walsh & Pamela Brand)

Family Resilience Groups: CAFÉS /TAFÉS - for Bosnian and Kosovar refugees in Chicago

 (Designed and implemented, with Stevan Weine, PhD, Dir., Ctr. for Global Health, University of Illinois, Chicago and local Bosnian and Kosovar consultants / co-facilitators.

Kosovar Family-Professional Education Collaborative (CCFH, UIC, University of Pristina, American Family Therapy Academy) 5-year project in Kosovo to provide resilience-based training to professionals helping families in war-torn communities recover from widespread trauma and loss.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Greater Illinois Chapter
Resilient Partners --Resilience-based multi-couple discussion group services for couples living with the challenges of multiple sclerosis. This project provided a model for national application.


Evanston Northwestern Healthcare-- Center for Compassion in Medical Care
Schwartz Rounds – case-based, multidisciplinary forums on the social, emotional, and spiritual concerns for patients and professionals in healthcare settings.


Family Intervention Training for Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, Program for Gang Prevention and Youth Development, 2011-2013. L.A. Deputy Mayor, Guillermo Cespedes; Training Coordinators, John Rolland and Froma Walsh;  

Training team: Harry Aponte, Bill Madsen, Jorge Colapinto, Andre Brown, Celia Falicov, Nancy Boyd-Franklin, & Tom Todd.

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