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The Ronna Lerner Memorial Lecture in Child and Family Health


This endowed annual lecture, co-hosted with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, was created by contributions made to CCFH in

Ronna Lerner’s memory.  Ronna, our valued founding member of CCFH, developed and co-led our

Child and Family Therapy program for over twenty years.


2023 - Froma Walsh, PhD,  “Complex and Traumatic Loss in Families: Fostering Healing and Resilience

2022 - David Miklowitz, PhD,  “The Role of Family Intervention with Symptomatic Youth at High Risk for Bipolar Disorder

2021 - William McFarlane, MD,  “Preventing First Episode Psychosis: Yes We Can. Early Detection and Intervention

2020 - Ann Masten, PhD,  “Multisystem Resilience for Children and Youth in Disaster: Reflections in the Time of COVID-19

2019 - Anne Kazak, PhD, “Family Psychosocial Risk & Resilience in Pediatric Healthcare: A Model to Guide Screening & Intervention"

2018 - Celia Jaes Falicov, PhD, “On Living with Two Hearts: Working with Transnational Immigrant Children and Families

2017 - Susan McDaniel, PhD, “Family-Oriented Integrated Healthcare for Children and Adolescents & their Families”

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Faculty with Celia Falicov, 2018

Groundbreaking Conferences  Over the Years

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