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Community Programs

Community Programs

Collaboration with community-based organizations is at the heart of our mission to train and support health, mental health, and social service professionals, particularly those who work with low-income, minority and other underserved groups.

Toward this end, we provide staff training and organizational consultation to healthcare facilities, social service agencies, and academic institutions. Our goal is to help these organizations create and sustain family-centered practices that identify strengths and build resilience. In addition, we work collaboratively with community-based agencies to provide specialized professional training opportunities.

LA City Program for Gang Reduction and Youth Development


Family Intervention Training for Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, Program for Gang Prevention and Youth Development, 2011-2013.  See our 2012 GRYD Photo Album.

We’d like to share this video of the amazing work of the L.A. Mayor’s Office Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) Program.

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